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10 Piece Military Inspired Stainless Steel, Self Sharpening Kitchen Knife Set with Block


No kitchen is complete without a set of knives, and this 10-piece kitchen knife set is just the thing to make your cooking on the go or at home an ease!

Made from stainless steel with comfortable ergonomic handles, these knives are durable and precise. Hand-picked for their versatility and performance in a variety of cutting tasks, they’re perfect if you don’t know which type of blade best suits your needs.


Delta 10 Piece Military Inspired Knife Set is the best kitchen knife set with wooden block and Sharpener, Chef Knife Set with Ultra Sharp Blades. A kitchen knife set is one of the most important tools you’ll ever own. A well-made and high quality knives can last generations if properly cared for.

Keep your kitchen safe with these high-performance military inspired knives. This 10 piece set includes a hand-picked selection of go-to knives that are sure to meet your needs. With stainless steel construction, the knives are designed for perfect stability and control. Ergonomic handles protect fingers from razor sharp blades, so you can cut without worry or injury

The stainless-steel composition of these military-inspired elevated knives ensures that they are both powerful and effective. The comfortable wooden handles of these knives are made to shield fingertips from razor-sharp blades, and they are built for optimal safety and control.

This exclusive 10-piece ninja knife set comes with a hand-picked variety of indispensable knives that are sure to meet full needs and demands. This global knife set includes different types of knives as 6 are 5 serrated steak knives, and the rest of the knives include, a santoku knife, carving knife, bread knife, and chef knife. Here we are going to discuss these knives one by one.

Varity of Knives that Delta echo Knife set Contains

1.     Carving Knife:

Our professional knife set has a special carving knife. The lengthy blade of this knife is well suited for the task of carving cooked portions of meat due to its design.

It’s possible that you won’t need a separate carving knife if you’re particularly skilled with your chef’s knife. Because of its longer length and thinner blade, it is much simpler to navigate around bones and cartilage.

Uses of Delta carving knives

  • A carving knife has a blade that is long and thin, and it curves to a point at the end. The majority of the time, it is used for slicing birds or meats with bones still intact, such as a leg of lamb or ham.
  • Carving knives are specifically designed for slicing and cutting harder cuts of meat.
  • It works well for slicing pork, beef, or chicken into bite-sized pieces for use at family feasts.
  • This knife is perfect for any work that requires slicing or cutting.

2.     Bread Knife

Delta echo kitchenaid knife set contain a bread knife that is an essential tool that is used in both home kitchens and commercial kitchens. This kitchen knife has a sharp serrated blade that enables you to slice bread with ease, mobility, and accuracy without smashing the slices in the process.

There is no other piece of cookware that can compare to the bread knife when it comes to slicing loaves, sponge cake, brioche, baguette, and bread in all of its varieties. The toughness of this sort of knife’s serrated blade, which makes it easier to do slicing tasks, is one of the best features of this knife from other knives.

Delta Echo Bread knives come in a variety of styles, each with a blade that ranges in length from 20 to 30 centimeters and is selected according to personal preference and practical requirements.

  • This knife has a blade made of ceramic or stainless steel, and it may be held by a handle made of wood or polypropylene.
  • Additionally, the handle features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to maintain a firm holds.
  • A particularly adaptable piece of cutlery in the kitchen is the bread knife.

Uses of the bread knife

  • Bread slicing is the main task of a bread knife.
  • The use of a bread knife enables you to cut even extremely soft bread without smashing it.

3.     Chef Knife

One knife in this Delta echo ceramic knife set is chef knife is a kind of kitchen knife that may be used for slicing, chopping, and other tasks. It has a broad blade that tapers to a point and is typically between 8 and 10 inches long. The tip of a military chef knife is normally pointed, and it has a noticeable edge that has a pronounced curve that slopes down. Its curve makes cutting easier.

The blade of a chef’s knife may have a variety of shapes and lengths, but while it is being handled, it should feel as if it is an extension of the user’s body.

Additionally, the curved blade is made from 64 layers of forged Damascus steel, which not only provides greater flexibility but also protects the core from corrosion. The stainless steel Core offers blade stability and an extraordinarily sharp edge.

Uses of Delta chef knife

  • Chopping and cutting are only two of the main tasks that can be accomplished with an echo chef knife, making it one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen.
  • Cutting meat, dicing vegetables, slicing herbs, and chopping nuts are examples of common tasks that may be accomplished with a chef’s knife.
  • Preparing fruits, herbs, and nuts by cutting, chopping, or dicing them.

4.     Santoku Knife

Santoku knife is another wonderful knife in the 10-piece Delta echo stainless steel knife set. The military wolf santoku knife got its name because it is useful for cutting three types of foods, including meat, fish, and vegetables.

Delta Santoku knives are frequently suggested as versatile kitchen knives for home chefs. This gives your knife hand a bit more room when cutting directly above a cutting board. It also provides a nice surface for the fingers of your free hand to guide the blade during ‘tap chopping,’ ‘push cutting,’ and ‘pull cutting.’

However, because of this, the Santoku is not quite as nimble as other knives with narrower blades. The curved tip, just like the sickle shape of the Santoku knife is one of its defining features. Blade lengths of 165mm and 180mm are the most common options for purchase when purchasing a Santoku knife.

Uses of a santoku knife

  • Cutting up some chicken
  • Chopping up some cheese.
  • Preparing fruits, vegetables, and nuts by slicing, chopping, or dicing them.
  • Cutting meat or some herbs.
  • Due to the broad blade, it easily lifts food off of a wooden board.
  • Creating thin slices, is beneficial when dealing with vegetables and carbs especially
  • Set of five steak knives with serrations.

5.     05 Serrated steak knife set

This professional cooking knife set includes 6 wolf knives of the same size and features. The simplicity of echo serrated knives with serrations makes them a popular choice among consumers. Even when used on rough surfaces like ceramic plates, the blade with the serrations will keep its cutting edge for a longer period.

The handle of the set of five steak knives with serrations is of the highest quality, offering a balanced, comfortable, and secure grip for expert handling, dexterity, and accuracy. Because of its narrow profile, this blade is capable of providing incredibly smooth and accurate cutting.

It has serrations that make it possible to cut through steak and other types of meat without crushing them. It has an ergonomically designed handle that is stylish, offering a comfortable fit as well as an attractive look.

The handle has a triple-tang design that promotes balance, control, and accuracy.

SMART-BOLSTER design has an ergonomic handle that is both stylish and useful.

Key Uses of our 5 military force serrated steak knife set

  • The military serrated steak knife is a multifunctional knife that is used for bread and some types of fruit in addition to cutting steak.
  • This self sharpening knife set is ideal for slicing through steak and other hearty cuts of meat. The serrations are designed to hold onto the flesh and slice cleanly through it.
  • This slicing tool is great for cutting up anything, including vegetables and meat, and works well for both. Use this knife to slice up veggies for a veggie tray, chop onions for a pot roast, or for slicing up strips of steak.
  • This delta serrated knife can handle any slicing job you throw its way, no matter how difficult. This knife is a versatile tool that every home should have.

Key Feature of Delta Echo Ninja Kitchen Knife set

Make Cooking Easier – You’ll feel like a professional chef cooking everything from fresh bread to caramelized onions with a quality kitchen knife set.

Save Money – A better set will last much longer than any one time purchase from a department store and will save money on food and on knives when you’re ready to invest in other knives.

Sharp blades – Easily slice through meat, bread, veggies, and other foods with ease


Precise weight – Keep knives balanced even when cutting heavy items


Great Value – 10 great knives all at once? No other company has a better deal than Delta Echo‘s 10-piece set!


Easy Maintenance – Don’t worry about sharpening knives yourself–these knives are self-sharpening!


Stainless steel blades – Receive a lifetime warranty on all knives


Durability – Even if they’re put through some tough tests, these knives will last quite a while before they need sharpening again.


Versatility – These knives can be used for everything from chopping vegetables to cutting through meat like butter.


Efficiently Sharpened Blades – Knife edges are sharper than they would be otherwise because they are honed before, during, and after every use.


Do Not Rust – Stainless steel is resistant to rust because it is not susceptible to oxidation like other materials such as carbon steel.


They Are Ergonomic – It can become frustrating when trying to complete a task due to being uncomfortable. This knife set can make a task easier by giving you a solid grip that is comfortable.



  • Lifetime Warranty on Replacement
  • Modern look design
  • Easy to handle
  • knife set with stand
  • Very accurate straight out of the packaging.
  • Excellent balance
  • Strong hold on the edge
  • Comfortable handle shape
  • It is simple to clean


  • No vacant space within the storage of the delta knife block
  • No extra Knife packaging cover